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Who We Are

Our Beliefs

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Firme DFW started with the belief that if we invest in first generation Latinx students and families, we will see better outcomes. 

  • Firme DFW Values Latinx experiences, culture, and language as capital we can utilize to leverage academic success and provide better guidance.

  • Firme DFW believes in validating Latinx experiences by accepting the enrichment brought from home. 

  • Firme DFW promotes unity, in teaching our scholarship recipients to love their culture and to respect the cultures of others.

Our Story

Firme DFW

Firme DFW started as an idea for a clothing brand made by and for the Chicano community in Dallas, Texas. We wanted to create a brand that made first generation Latinx students feel seen; a brand that could validate their experiences. With that, came the idea that we should also give back to the community in a meaningful way. Data shows us that Latinx students are graduating at a lower rate than their white peers, and for first generation latin@s, the gap is wider. We wanted to do something to help close the gap. As a result, Firme DFW was created! Join the movement as we strive for equity in education!

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